'The Tanglewood' by Amber Caspian

'The Tanglewood' by Amber Caspian

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Fairytale - Curious Realms

At my gallery we have recently launched a new show called 'Fairytale - Curious Realms of the Imagination', which is on until the 24th March. It's a subject that has always fascinated me and this is The exhibition I had always wanted to put on in an art gallery. Over the last year I have gathered a number of artists whose work has touched this intriguing area, and when planning the shows for 2012 I felt the time was right to bring them all together in one exhibition. 

The first artist to enter the realm of faerie was Neil Payne, whose intricate collages and sculptures are created from found objects, used and worn until finally discarded giving a sense of timelessness and secret worlds. 
by Neil Payne

Followed by Helena-A Reut, a native of Belarus, whose work has a remarkable quality of capturing the subject and holding them in a sacred moment of ordinary everyday-ness.  She also paints images from myths and fables from her own country.
'Autumn Spirit' by Helena-A Reut

Next is the delightfully dark and humorous Celeste Copping, an illustrator in acrylics of slightly sinister fairy tale and nursery characters - the sort of images that kids really love as well as adults.
'Red Riding Hood' by Celeste Copping

Now for the enchanting Amanda Clark whose luminous work is so evocative of the mystery of our land and magical nature.  I am especially smitten by her new works in the show - Tree Ladies.
'Bird Lady' by Amanda Clark

Then we have paper and book sculptor Justin Rowe, who uses books as a base for his paper-cut characters.  Some elements of which are sculpted from paper and lit from within, reminding me of a 3D village in winter that my dad made for Christmas one year.
'Forest of Dreams' by Justin Rowe

Two other wanderers of the secret world are Sue Law with her ‘Glass Slipper’ moulded from a real foot and shoe, only fits one person!  
'Glass Slipper II' by Sue Law

And Amanda Sheldrake with her swirling figures in gorgeous flower-filled gardens, making you wonder whether she’s painted real faery folk!
'Girl in Forest' by Amanda Sheldrake

Last and I hope not least, I couldn’t help but include my own work - illustrations of classic fairy tales.
'Baba Yaga - At Home' by Amber Caspian

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