'The Tanglewood' by Amber Caspian

'The Tanglewood' by Amber Caspian

Thursday 5 April 2012


This week we opened a new exhibition at my gallery, called 'Horseplay - Equine Grace'.  I am not a horsey person in that I don't ride and am quite scared of them; however I find them so beautiful that they bring a lump to my throat.  I would love to see wild horses running together in that wonderful rolling wave, moving as one with manes flying.  For the moment I content myself with sitting in a gallery amidst gorgeous paintings of them.
'Fin' by Yolande Kenny
The show is mainly inspired around the work of Yolande Kenny who paints very personal and emotive horse portraits.  With the use of unusual viewpoints - looking up from close to the horse's head or being literally nose-to-nose, she captures their unique personalities intimately as seen through the eyes of their owner.  Whether painted in oil on linen or drawn in graphite Yolande's skill is in catching the power and gentle strength of these graceful creatures.
'Stance' by Yolande Kenny
I also included Gena Ivanov's colourful watercolours evoking the wild flowing nature of horses...
'Blue Horse' by Gena Ivanov
...along with Ramzieh Baj's more primal and fantastic painting inspired by the Nart Saga (heroic Circassian tales from the Caucasus)  and very controlled print of the famous Desert Orchid....
'Lady Setenaya and the Dragon' by Ramzieh Baj

'Horse in Profile' by Ramzieh Baj
...and Sophie Howard's bronze sculptures, which speak about the strong companionship between humans and horses.
'Sitting' by Sophie Howard

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