'The Tanglewood' by Amber Caspian

'The Tanglewood' by Amber Caspian

Friday 11 November 2011

Autumn Memories

Autumn is without doubt my favourite time of year, inspired by wonderful memories of a childhood spent playing around bonfires and doing spooky plays for our parents and making potions with burnt edge labels and seeing a witch's hat hanging high in a tree and loving the smell of the earth and falling leaves fiercely.

I love it so much that I always try and get as much out of the season as possible and make it last just that little bit longer.  I see friends; celebrate Samhain / Hallowe'en in all its various ways.  I walk miles on clear, fresh days with a golden sun hanging low in the sky.  I stand under the full moon absorbing its special silver blessing. 

The full moon yesterday certainly has affected me and I am so full of ideas that I've been driven to create and be within the energy.  Consequently I find myself too busy to write and my poor blog feels a little neglected. However it's all to the good as I am beginning to feel that I have made some things start to evolve.  Old friends have visited and brought new friends. They will be gracing these pages with their presence before very long...

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